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Rick Is On SoundCloud Now http://rickjensen.com/2015/06/14/rick-is-on-soundcloud-now/ http://rickjensen.com/2015/06/14/rick-is-on-soundcloud-now/#respond Sun, 14 Jun 2015 16:10:13 +0000 http://rickjensen.com/?p=908 soundcloud

Rick Jensen on Soundcloud.com








Hey everybody! Go to Soundcloud.com and check out my tracks!  You can play them and download them and share with friends! Please put comments on any of the tracks! Thanks for your support!

Click HERE to be taken to my music page.

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Say Yes To Christmas! http://rickjensen.com/2014/11/04/say-yes-to-christmas/ http://rickjensen.com/2014/11/04/say-yes-to-christmas/#respond Tue, 04 Nov 2014 22:55:48 +0000 http://rickjensen.com/?p=895 A little ditty about the madness of Christmas!

Yeah he doesn't look all that stoked about Christmas really!

Yeah he doesn’t look all that stoked about Christmas really!


Ah and here’s the song you’ve all been waiting for to ring in the Christmas cheer!!!  Sing along everybody…


Say Yes To Christmas                               words and music by Rick Jensen


You’d better say Yes….

You’d better Say Yes…

You’d better say Yes…. To the call of good cheer..

To all that unravels you this time of year…

It’s best not pout, or let alone let out a shout…

And wrap all those presents and send them on out…


And ohh by the way…

Have a Happy Holiday….

Says your doorman you best not ignore man and yes…


Can you smile right on through

As you grin while you chew

The unfrozen fruitcake that’s half-baked at best,



Have Faith and have Heart, it’s only just the start.

The season won’t leave you so dear friend take part…

It’s best not to hide, it will take you alive…

You’d better say yes to the mess that is Christmas…


It’s best to shut up kid, and above all put up with…

This madness of seasonal gladness, and yes…

It’s best not to rant, or tell a child that he can’t…

Take back all those gifts from his least favorite aunt…….

And oh by the way…have a Happy Holiday….

Says your boss man,

Who says, no time off man, and yes…

There’s all of those bills

That will haunt you until…

The Spirit of next Christmas leaves you with less……



There’s no way to win, so let the debt begin…

You’re bound to receive, and that’s what you will win…

So don’t be a bore, and anyway you can’t ignore.

The quest to say yes to the mess that is Christmas.



If you’re half as bright, as a Christmas tree,

There’s no need to fight, what is certainly,

The most amazing night , In recent history

There’s no chance! You’re Done!


So, here’s a real helpful trick, Give it up for Saint Nick…

And give his season of pleasen a reason to stay

Or you’ll be left in a pinch

Like a grump, or a grinch…

And wouldn’t you really rather be someone who’s had himself some fun along the way…



So give up the fight, it ain’t black and white…

It’s the rainbow of colors you’ll see in the light….

They’re under the tree, one for you, one for me….

And all of that mess, and the blessings of Christmas…


The blessings of Christmas…


You’d better say yes….  to Christmas


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Don’t Miss One of the Last Performances of “Tonight, New York City” http://rickjensen.com/2012/10/24/866/ http://rickjensen.com/2012/10/24/866/#respond Wed, 24 Oct 2012 05:08:15 +0000 http://rickjensen.com/?p=866 RICK Returns for two more nights

at the METROPOLITAN ROOM in a revue of his songs


Wednesday, October 24th & Wednesday, November 7th at 7PM

The show is inspired by Rick’s recent song of the same title, and looks back on his 27 years as a working musician in Manhattan.   Joining him will be vocalists Tanya Holt, Justin Ritchie and this year’s Metro star winner, Marissa Mulder.  The show is directed by Lina Koutrakos.

The Metropolitan Room is located at 34 West 22nd Street, New York, New York.

There is a $20.00 music charge and a two-drink minimum.  For reservations, call 212-206-0440.

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Tonight, New York City.. Rick Jensen in Words and Music http://rickjensen.com/2012/05/30/the-rick-jensen-songbook/ http://rickjensen.com/2012/05/30/the-rick-jensen-songbook/#respond Wed, 30 May 2012 01:18:05 +0000 http://rickjensen.com/?p=846

Tonight, New York City was one of the last songs I wrote after living in Manhattan for 27 years.
Please join me as I revisit the memories of that time through my songs.
Rick Jensen Songbook

]]> http://rickjensen.com/2012/05/30/the-rick-jensen-songbook/feed/ 0 Upcoming Events http://rickjensen.com/2011/04/28/upcoming-events/ Thu, 28 Apr 2011 02:21:57 +0000 http://rickjensen.com/?p=814

***Friday, April 29th
Hear Rick Jensen’s song “Go Ahead And Dream” in the new film “That’s What I am” in theaters this Friday!
Director/Screenwriter, Mike Pavone’s new movie “That’s What I am” starring Ed Harris, is opening at New York’s City’s The Quad Cinema this Friday, April 29th. (1pm, 3pm, 5:15pm, 7:20pm, 9:25pm)
To buy tickets in advance:
This is a limited engagement as the DVD will be released this May.

Mac award.jpg
***Tuesday, May 10th at 7:30pm
The 25th Annual MAC Awards with Special Performance by Rick Jensen
B.B. King Blues Club and Grill, NYC in the heart of Times Square
Doors open at 6pm
rick and lina.jpg
***May, Friday the 13th at 7:30pm
Special Guest Star appearance by Rick Jensen
with Lina Koutrakos and the low country band
Joe’s Pub, NYC
***Saturday, June 4th
“Torch” with Lina Koutrakos
Paris, France
***June 15th-19th
First Annual Mid-West Cabaret Conference in Chicago
With Master Teacher, multi award winning Rick Jensen
Along with NYC’s MAC and Bistro award winning director Lina Koutrakos, Tony Nominee Sally Mayes, and Chicago’s own pianist/arranger Beckie Menzie
Special Performance with Rick Jensen June 16th at Davenports
***August 11th-14th
St. Louis Cabaret Conference
Midwest’s longest running training program for cabaret singers 6th year with an
ALL STAR FACULTY:  Producer Tim SchallRick Jensen, Andrea Marcovicci, Shelly Markham and Jason Graae
Learn more about the faculty here:
Click here to join the students and faculties culminating event:

“That’s What I Am” Featured at Santa Barbara Film Festival http://rickjensen.com/2011/01/27/thats-what-i-am-featured-at-santa-barbara-film-festival/ http://rickjensen.com/2011/01/27/thats-what-i-am-featured-at-santa-barbara-film-festival/#comments Thu, 27 Jan 2011 01:41:15 +0000 http://rickjensen.com/?p=724 My original song “Go Ahead And Dream” is featured in the WORLD PREMIERE OF “THAT’S WHAT I AM” STARRING ED HARRIS & AMY MADIGAN SCREENS AS CENTERPIECE GALA at the Santa Barbara Film Festival on Weds Feb 2 2011

Ed Harris

More information about the film and the festival can be found here:




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Nancy & Rick Return to Don’t Tell Mama Nov. 2nd @ 9:30pm! http://rickjensen.com/2010/10/26/nancy-lamott-returns-to-dont-tell-mama-nov-2nd-2010/ Tue, 26 Oct 2010 18:48:00 +0000 http://rickjensen.com/?p=679 Tuesday Evening Nov 2 at Don’t Tell Mama is going to be a very moving journey down memory lane for me as I am honored to guest host the 9:30pm show celebrating Nancy’s performances there with the release of a 2 DVD set fifteen years after her untimely passing.
Rick Jensen & Nancy LaMott @ Don't Tell Mama 1984

Rick Jensen & Nancy LaMott @ Don't Tell Mama 1984

My musical partnership with the late cabaret star, Miss Nancy LaMott is a personal memory I will cherish forever. But thanks To Nancy’s producer, David Friedman, the DVD set featuring 4 Don’t Tell Mama shows on his “Midder” label is about to be released. I created, musically directed and performed two of those shows with Nancy.

The Don’t Tell Mama Shows – Nancy LaMott 2 DVD Set.
Four Complete Live Club Acts from 1986-1988
Available December 2010!

Nancy Lamott Don't Tell Mama DVD

More info about the upcoming performances can be found here and here.

Review of Rick Jensen & Susan Winter at the Firehouse http://rickjensen.com/2010/10/25/rick-jensen-susan-winter-at-the-firehouse-review/ Mon, 25 Oct 2010 18:05:54 +0000 http://rickjensen.com/?p=668 Big Apple-style cabaret charms at Firehouse  


Reviewed by Leo Cotnoir

Last night (Oct.23),  the Schorr Family Firehouse Stage in Johnson City launched its Two by Two Series by magically transporting itself to Manhattan — except for the prices! NYC-based artists Rick Jensen and Susan Winter treated the near-capacity audience to some of the best of Big Apple cabaret.


While “cabaret” can refer to any small-group club performance, its classic incarnation – for me, anyway — is in solo performances from The Great American Songbook as the repertoire of 20th century Broadway and Hollywood musicals has come to be known.

Jensen added a new twist to that by performing original songs incorporating what might be called Great American Song and Piano Styles. His first couple of numbers showcased not only his clear, lyrical voice and masterful piano playing but his mastery of the styles of Billy Joel and James Taylor. His The Long Cold Fall captured the essence of Taylor without the maudlin undertones. I must confess that I am not a huge fan of 1980s music so I was glad when Jensen finally brought his own voice to bear in his award-winning, slightly racy My Baby and Me. (As far as I am concerned, Jensen is better than either Joel or Taylor and should let them lie in peace.) Being from Minnesota and perhaps knowing a bit about Binghamton, Jensen could not resist a sing-all, beer hall polka, Hi, Ho! That’s the German Way. (The audience loved it!) And then it was back, stylistically, to the 1980s with the haunting Harbor followed by a beautiful duet with Winter, After All Those Love Songs. It was a fitting tribute to the late Nancy LaMott, one of the greats of the NY cabaret, with whom Jensen first recorded the song. The first set wrapped up with two more Jensen originals, the inspiring Go Ahead and Dream and (for me) the less successful Higher Than Heaven. Jensen’s singing and piano virtuosity are impressive; I only wish he had done more of the standards and fewer of his own songs, which I found a bit repetitious. But then that may well reflect my personal musical taste rather than his.

After intermission Winter took the stage and all I can say is Wow! Not only is Winter a consummate chanteuse, but Jensen is an exceptional arranger and accompanist. Together they tiptoed and whirled through The Great American Songbook with lesser known classics such as Anyplace I Hang My Hat is Home and It Amazes Me, with Winter ranging from kittenish and teasing to full voice belting but never missing a cue. Her playfully naughty reading of An Older Man is Like an Elegant Wine rivaled Nancy Wilson’s, and that is saying a lot! Then Winter turned more serious as she wove the touching story of discovering her parents’ World War II love letters around songs of the era, All My Tomorrows, After Hours and Isn’t it a Pity, then wrapping it up with Irving Berlin’s ironic Mr. Monotony (hey, marriage has its slow moments). In All My Tomorrows Winter displayed her considerable musicianship by navigating a very challenging arrangement without a hint of a missed note. Winter and Jensen brought the evening to close with a string of old standards in new arrangements that showed off both Winter’s superb voice and Jensen’s virtuoso piano — Makin’ Whoopee, That Old Black Magic in New Age-y arrangement that is the best I have heard, Small World with a piano riff evoking Sondheim’s Company, Just in Time with faint echoes of Oscar Peterson — all brought to a satisfying conclusion by I’ve Got the World on a String and Love Rolls On.

OK, it wouldn’t be a NY review without a couple nit picks. Not meaning to diminish Jensen’s impressive solo performance, I would have rather had a full evening of Jensen and Winter working together. I must note that the sound was distracting; the piano was over-amplified— it really needed no amplification for such a small, live room— and at times overwhelmed the singers, forcing them so close to their microphones that the words of the songs sometimes were muddled. For me the essence of cabaret is its intimacy, something many of today’s sound designers do not seem to understand. And, I did find the lighting a bit stagey. But, as I said these are nits. On balance the show was excellent and at times exceptional. I look forward to Jensen and Winter’s return, maybe for an evening together.

The original article is here

23rd Oct – Don’t Miss Rick Jensen & Susan Winter in Concert!! http://rickjensen.com/2010/10/17/23rd-oct-dont-miss-rick-jensen-susan-winter-in-concert/ Sun, 17 Oct 2010 03:37:05 +0000 http://rickjensen.com/?p=622 Rick Jensen and Susan Winter

Rick Jensen and Susan Winter

Susan has a delicious strong and soulful voice of truth.

Her voice is like a gift from the gods…like caramel over ice cream!”

Andrea Marcovicci

Rick creates sophisticated music that could make

seltzer taste like champagne.

“Singer, songwriter, arranger, musical director,

record producer; Rick Jensen is one of cabaret’s

most versatile and respected talents.”

Peter Leavy/Cabaret Scenes

Together, they’re spectacular!

Saturday, October 23 at 8 PM

Tickets: $25 Adults; $20 Seniors & Students

Call 772-2404, ext. 1 to order tickets.

The Schorr Family Firehouse Stage is the first performance space of the Goodwill Theatre & Professional Training Academy.
For more information, or to order tickets, please contact us at:

Goodwill Theatre Inc.
67 Broad Street, Suite 210
Johnson City, NY 13790
Phone: (607) 772-2404, ext. 1
Fax: (607) 729-0785
Email:  adepew@goodwilltheatre.net
Web: www.goodwilltheatre.net